Online Heart Health Lecture Videos


The Heart Research CenterHeart disease is still the Number 1 killer of men and women in America. Education is the best defense. OHSU practices smart healthcare by providing free lectures and screenings to the community. Video from these lectures is now available!  Just open this article to click on links to our lectures.  Real Player is required to open some of these videos.

Born to be Fat?  How Nine Months in the Uterus Impacts Your Health!  2011 Annual Lecture presented by Sandra Davidge, PhD, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

Diabetes:  Let's Save the Next Generation!  2010 Annual Lecture presented by Susan Ozanne, PhD, University of Cambridge.

2009 Holiday Bazaar to support Heart Research Center featuring artisans from Handmade NW
Nutrition in the Womb, 2008 Lecture by David JP Barker, MD, FRCP, Oregon Health & Science University and University of Southampton


Heart Disease in Women - Are We Different? (2/27/07)



Tiny Bubbles: Big Ideas in Heart Disease and Cancer  -- 2006 Annual Lecture,  presented by Jonathan Lindner, MD, Oregon Health & Science University
Rebuilding Diseased Arteries: New Approaches, 2005 Annual Lecture, presented by Alexander Clowes, MD, University of Washington.
Robots Doing Heart Surgery, 2002 Annual Lecture, presented by Ralph Damiano, Jr, MD, Washington University.
Bigger is Better at Birth, 1999 Annual Lecture presented by Caroline Fall, MD, University of Southampton
Genetic Therapies for Cardiovascular Disease, 1996 Annual Lecture, presented by Judith Swain, MD, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center


Becoming Adults: Challenges Faced by Children, 1995 Annual Lecture presented by James Moller, MD, University of Minnesota