Dr. Jack Kron exemplifies the Heart Research Center’s focus on translating research into patient care.
Dr. Kron, professor of Medicine, director of the Electrophysiology Laboratory, and a member of the Heart Research Center, specializes in electrophysiology and clinical arrhythmia treatment (irregular heartbeat).
Millions of people experience irregular heartbeat during their lives. For most of us, these experiences are harmless and not indicative of heart disease. 
For some of us, however, such rhythm disturbances can be serious and sometimes fatal. And at times, due to underlying heart disease, the possibility of arrhythmia and associated risks is increased.
 The fundamental cause of arrhythmia is the basis for treatment. Treatment options include:
  • Lifestyle changes: improving overall health through lifestyle changes can reduce the effects of arrhythmias and other heart disorders.
  • Medication: can control the effects of arrhythmias and related heart concerns such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease as well as heart attacks;
  • Defibrillators: these implanted devices are 99 percent effective in eliminating life-threatening arrhythmias;
  • Pacemakers: implanted devices which take over the heart’s natural pacemaker;
  • Cardiac ablation: catheters are guided into the blood vessels and directed to the heart muscle, where radiofrequency energy destroy very small areas of tissue that give rise to abnormal electrical signals;
  • Surgery: primarily employed to treat heart problems other than irregular heart beak, such as coronary artery disease and heart failure, where correction of these conditions may reduce the probability of arrhythmias.
 Dr. Kron is focused on all of these treatment options, drawing on his personal skills and experiences and, when appropriate, the skills and experiences of his colleagues within the Heart Research Center as well as innovative device and pharmaceutical manufacturers to translate research into patient treatments.
What’s hot? 
OHSU is the first institution in Oregon to acquire Stereotaxis equipment for its clinical laboratory to find the area of the heart that causes the abnormal rhythm.
This equipment uses magnetic fields to position catheters in the heart while searching for the abnormal areas in the atria.  The Stereotaxis equipment will bring new horizons to research and clinical diagnosis.
Dr. Kron is an outstanding clinician researcher who is always involved in a number of research projects at any one time.
Arrhythmias are very common — about 2.2 million Americans are living with atrial fibrillation. 
The mission of the Heart Research Center is to:
  • Facilitate collaborative research within OHSU and worldwide;
  • Nurture scientific discovery;
  • Translate basic discoveries into patient treatments;
  • Provide education for trainees, medical professionals and the lay public.
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